DSSAT experimental files#


If you want to use any custom maize experiment, for instance with a custom soil or weather generation.


Remember that gym-DSSAT currently only supports DSSAT’s CERES-Maize module.


If you want to use any maize experiment distinct from the default one, you can use the 3 last arguments as provided below:

env_args = {
    'log_saving_path': './logs/dssat-pdi.log',
    'mode': 'fertilization',
    'seed': 123456,
    'random_weather': True,
    'fileX_template_path': './my_custom_fileX.MZX',  # where the jinja2 fileX template is located
    'experiment_number': 1,  # the number of the experiment in the fileX to be run ; if specified overrides the parameter in environment's configuration YAML
    'auxiliary_file_paths': ['./my_custom_climate_file.CLI']  # required if random_weather is set True


The custom fileX template must present the same expressions `{{ ... }}` as the ones found in the original example. You can check jinja documentation. Be careful, any faulty space in the template will raise errors. If you want custom stochastic climate generation, you must provide to DSSAT the corresponding “.CLI” file with the extra argument auxiliary_files_paths.


my_custom_climate_file.CLI must be named after the 4 first characters of the value of `WSTA` in the custom fileX. For instance, if in ./my_custom_fileX.MZX` the variable WSTA` is set to GAGR9626, then the corresponding climate file must be named GAGR.CLI. See DSSAT’s user guide.