Using Docker#

Available Linux distributions for Dockerfiles are:

Build an image#

We take the example of the Dockerfile_Debian_Bullseye Dockerfile. To build a different Dockerfile, you just need to substitute the Dockerfile name as referred above.

To build an image called gym-dssat:debian-bullseye form the Dockerfile named Dockerfile_Debian_Bullseye, simply run:

docker build\#dev:docker_recipes -t "gym-dssat:debian-bullseye" -f Dockerfile_Debian_Bullseye

Test a container#

To check the gym-dssat:debian-bullseye image previously built, you can run the default example just with:

docker run gym-dssat:debian-bullseye

Or you can interactively run the Docker image with:

docker run -it gym-dssat:debian-bullseye bash

Docker images with Spack installation#

Additionaly, these Dockerfiles to build docker images using Spack are provided. This recipes do not use pre-compiled packages, so gym-DSSAT and all its dependencies are built from sources (see info about gym-DSSAT Spack packages in Spack installation):

These images can be built (it takes a long time, as every dependency will be compiled) and tested the same way than the other gym-DSSAT docker images.